Red Fox Group - Security: IS your business safe?
Red Fox Group – Security: IS your business safe?

We are living in a society that is increasingly dependent on technology, so it is just natural that our personal and corporate information might be exposed to potential cyber-attacks. There isn’t really a magic formula that allows us to be 100% secure, however, the very least you can do is to make things difficult to potential hackers. This is especially important when you consider that even big companies with huge resources have suffered some serious damage due to unknown vulnerabilities. At this point we should ask ourselves, do we really know how to secure our corporate technological capabilities against cyber-attacks? In this article, we will review some of the most important questions you need to keep in mind in order to increase the security of your company. Is your equipment properly secured?

Is your equipment properly secured?

Any electronic device you have in your house or your office should be completely
updated. The usual system updates can be annoying (and take long!), however, these
processes are fundamental because they often fix potential security breaches. Don’t
omit to have a licensed antivirus and anti-malware product in order to protect you and
your company from potentially harming files.

Are you sure you have a strong password?

This might be something obvious for a lot of us, but there are still people who keep setting their passwords with the names of their children, their childhood pets, their favorite team or, even worse, the classic 123456. The best thing you can do is to combine numbers and letters and an occasional upper case, securing your access from password databases.

Are you using security protocols?

This is a fundamental step if you want to secure the file transfers. Your systems can get extremely vulnerable at the moment you receive or send data to and from unknown sources, enabling potential cyber-attacks. Make sure you are adopting a strong security protocol to minimize the risks.

Are you verifying the authenticity of links and profiles you access?

It is still very common to be a victim of phishing attacks that access to personal information, especially when people click on links from suspicious emails. Nowadays Hackers have stepped up their game by creating fake profiles in social media with the purpose to gather credit card information, bank account data, your customers’ database, etc. As soon as you receive an email from a Nigerian prince, mark that message as spam and report it as fraudulent.

Have you ever downloaded pirate content?

There are countless sources of websites where you can download illegal software, music or movies. Don’t do that! These sites are the perfect way hackers can access to your data, placing malicious programs into your system and preparing your network to make an attack.

Do you have a backup of your information?

If it got to the point where you became a victim of a cyber-attack, this might be a way to minimize the damage and having your information intact. Having backups sometimes seems like an exhausting task, but in the end, you will be thankful for having your data backed when you needed it the most.

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