Importance of Third Party Penetration Tests
Importance of Third Party Penetration Tests – Red Fox Group


When it comes to securing your business and its Active Directory, penetration testing is just as important as vulnerability assessment. It is invaluable to letting you know precisely what might be wrong with your system and which areas can give attackers access. A penetration test does not only point out the weak points to you but in doing so, helps you deal with them.

Penetration tests show you precisely how attackers will exploit the vulnerabilities in your system. When you know what you have to deal with in your organization’s Active Directory, you know where to channel your resources, and this can be a really big step for your business.

Third party penetration testings allow you to involve a different organization to perform the test. Usually, this will be a company versed in performing pen tests and solely operating within that field. Using a third party penetrator helps you not to further trample with the entire system. You should look out for companies that have certifications for performing the tests. One of such certifications is CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker).


While performing your own penetration test may look good and easy, what benefits underlie using someone else? Here are some reasons why you should definitely go for third party testing as opposed to doing it within your organization.

  • Fresh Eyes Mean Deeper Probing

The findings of a third party tester are objective. Since this is an outsider, they come to your system with no attachments and are able to probe deeper. This makes them find vulnerabilities that your team would ordinarily not find.

  • Clients Tend To Feel More Secure
  • Your customers will naturally feel more secure to receive assurance about the system from an outsider.

    • It Is Wiser Financially

    Third party penetration testing is more cost effective. If you conduct the penetration test using your internal team and still find breaches, you will have to get a fresh pair of eyes. So, why not go for it in the first place. Also, hiring a third party firm is cheaper than training an in-house team.

    • Quality Assessment

    Hiring a third party penetration company helps you measure your organization’s overall performance and its management procedures. It gives you a fresh perspective on how your company is doing.

    The key to a successful third party testing is in who you hire. If you hire an amateur, you may end up with more complicated security issues and much more vulnerability. Be sure to hire professionals that do not leave your system worse than when you began the penetration test.