Don’t wait until its too late
The average cyber security incident costs a business around $1.2 million to correct, let Red Fox Group ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

What seperates us?


Red Fox Group has competitive pricing and will always guarantee complete customer satisfaction.


Customers have the ability to communicate directly with the founders of the firm. Red Fox Group will keep you informed from start to finish.

Latest Threats

Our team ensures they are educated on the latest threats. Red Fox Group prides itself on the ability to keep up with the latest threats, and the remedy specific to each.

What separates us?

Calm and Collected

While cyber incidents are overwhelming and scary to businesses, Red Fox Group remains cool and collected to remove the threat. We are confident in our abilities.


Next level reporting is something we take very seriously. Data is a key element in helping to prevent and minimize loss in a cyber security incident. Red Fox Group is meticulous in the collection and presentation of your data.


Red Fox Group aims to complete tasks as quick and efficient as possible. We will not risk quality however, our end goal is to make sure you are secure. Time is everything in the cyber security industry things need to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Our Team

At Red Fox Group, we have two decades of combined experience in the technology industry. We bring an aggressive approach to the defensive side of security.

Red Fox Group was founded by two self starters with compliment skill sets, one with extensive knowledge of secure networking and best practices with an ever growing passion for the technology field and the other approaching from an angle of secure coding  and protective scripts.

Our Mission 

Support your digital security in an innovative, transparent and reliable way to achieve your goals.

We aim to safeguard cyber security and mitigate risks that impede growth and gives the freedom to innovate on digital platforms and take opportunities. We will take on the responsibility of cyber security with skill and make our clients confident to innovate.

We aim to provide a proactive and professional consultancy services to improve data security for an ever-expanding client base. We will tackle complex challenges of many themes in cyber security. Whether it be Network Vulnerability assessment or forensic analysis we will identify risks and find comprehensive solutions.

We will continuously look for ways to improve our services by understanding the needs of our clients and form sustainable relationships. We will operate as a capable and loyal team committed to putting experience, knowledge and technology to use and move beyond compliance.