Fox assured, you’ll be secure


We are continuously open about our process and take full responsibility for our actions, decisions and advice.


We stand for integrity and operate confidentially without additional agendas. This stands in line with our desire to build a sustainable relationship with every client.

Team Spirit

Cyber security is a complex theme that benefits from different approaches and creative solutions. We operate as a team in order to maximize the potential of our capacity.


We operate based on the notion that cyber security requires preemptive strategies and innovation to mitigate risks. We continuously innovate our practices and shape our distinct approach.


We consider our job to be continuous when actively involved to find solutions, though we also move beyond compliance. Therefore, we provide ongoing active support as a committed team that aims to preserve high standards.


We believe every client can understand cyber security, when presented and explained in the right way. We inform our clients to make their conscious choices and we work together with the clients to the same goal that they determined.

Our Vision

Cyber security: a chance to strike in advance.

Cyber security is a valuable opportunity for preemptive reduction of online risks and improving your online brand image. Cyber risks are a threat to your online platforms, brand image as well as the privacy of you and your clients. Security relating to your brand also defines how reliable you are to stakeholders.

Red Fox Group will be the flexible cyber security consultancy firm that knows how to maximize security and use it to your strategic advantage. Our brand and services should strengthen the cyber security status of the businesses we support. By taking initiative and using cyber security to empower your operations and brand, your business will keep the upper hand on the competition.

As an organization we will have a flexible framework for effective risk management able to accommodate organizations in all stages of development and kinds, both local and multinational. To be successful online platforms are key in the 21st century for most brands. We see the next generation of efficient and sustainable entrepreneurship requiring digital input and believe no organization should be excluded from the online world. The Red Fox Group will continue to be committed to cyber security and lead the way in the field to include businesses of all sizes.